TRIVAD offers a comprehensive infrastructure assessment of your environment, allowing us to engineer a solid solution that adds flexibility and ease of management.

New or Existing Product Installations

Whether you are implementing an already purchased system, redeploying a unit to another function or department, or moving forward with an entirely new storage project, TRIVAD is here to help. Our Professional Services Team has specially-trained engineers who understand a diverse range of environments, allowing you to get the most out of your implementation.

Hardware or Software Upgrades

TRIVAD has the expertise to help evaluate when your needs dictate new products or if your existing products can be leveraged through upgrades, saving time and money. But we also realize that not all upgrades are straightforward; upgrading one item in your data center may affect many other components. TRIVAD Professional Services Team skillfully upgrades your hardware and software to current technologies while helping you avoid any headaches and pitfalls.

Equipment Relocation

TRIVAD specializes in the relocation of IT equipment. The time required for data center and equipment relocation can overburden an already overworked IT staff. TRIVAD makes sure it’s done right, and we make sure nothing gets left out in the process. Our Professional Services Team will assess, plan, and implement a successful relocation strategy for you.