Infrastructure Assessment

TRIVAD offers a comprehensive infrastructure assessment of your environment, allowing us to engineer a solid solution that adds flexibility and ease of management.


TRIVAD provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of existing storage components, backup solutions, and storage connectivity. We help uncover hidden problem areas, locate bottlenecks, and give detailed feedback. Our recommendations are founded on tested technology and utilize the latest features to help you achieve increased performance and storage efficiency. The end result: greater savings and longer utilization cycles.


In today's environment, uptime is critical - unscheduled outages are simply no longer acceptable. Our Professional Services Team assesses and recommends the right solutions to reduce downtime risk. We can help you leverage existing infrastructure to help delay new equipment purchases.


The old paradigm: growing data requirements demand increased storage complexity. TRIVAD has the knowledge and experience to reduce the burden on your IT staff and bring manageability and order to a complex environment. Now more can be accomplished with less, and it’s our job to understanding how to utilize today’s tools to make this a reality.