Custom solutions
at any scale

Our team brings extensive experience to the assessment, design, and implementation of any IT project. TRIVAD has developed a foundation of essential solutions to bring consolidation and flexibility to your information technology needs.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is critical in your environment. And no two companies are the same. TRIVAD can design and architect a recovery solution to your specific requirements, no matter how simple or complex. We always follow best practices and are well-versed in SOX and HIPAA compliance. With our experience in the Y2K crisis, to potential natural disaster threats, feel assured your disaster recovery solutions can withstand any potential threat.

Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery


Everyone needs peace of mind when it comes to security. Attacks on modern businesses are ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated. It's no longer a matter of if you'll be attacked, but when. Most companies do not realize they've been attacked. We can check if you've been attacked, at what level, and setup remediation. Whether it's security health checks, intrusion detection, preventive hacking, or a complete security solution, TRIVAD is highly skilled at protecting valuable assets.



Virtualization is no longer just a buzzword, it's a reality in just about every organization. But the complexity and sprawl of VMs can lead to management headaches. TRIVAD assists in providing best practices for VM organization and implementation. We also provide an overview of vendors and competitive pricing for all your licensing and support needs.


Efficiency in the IT marketplace is not only knowing what you need, but also knowing where to get it.

Storage Products

Acquiring the right storage solution can be a difficult assignment: performance specs are fuzzy at best, features are not all implemented the same, and trying to compare apples to apples is next to impossible. TRIVAD has the industry knowledge and years of experience to help you avoid pitfalls and get the right solution.

Storage ProductsStorage Products

Backup Solutions

More than just insurance, reliable backups are critical for the survival of every organization. Many companies are shifting to the latest technology to ensure consistent and timely backups. TRIVAD offers a broad line of backup solutions, but more importantly we have the expertise to understand which solution is best for you.

Backup SolutionsBackup Solutions

Storage Connectivity

From switches to host bus adapters, TRIVAD has all the components you need and all the brands you trust. Our prices are highly competitive and we are here to help you find the components that work best for your storage needs.

Storage ConnectivityStorage Connectivity

Trade-In Programs

Trying to reduce your IT spending? Budget too limited? Out of rack space? Our Trade-In programs help reduce cost. When you purchase a system from TRIVAD, your existing equipment may qualify for trade in against your purchase. In many situations, trading in your old equipment may help you reduce your spending, save space, and get that upgrade you need.

Trade-In Programs

Management Tools

The first step in expressing an IT vision is understanding where you are, then deciding where you want to be. TRIVAD has all the partnerships in place to provide successful oversight and management.

Management ToolsManagement Tools


Sizing and configuring servers is more challenging today than ever before. With virtualization, green initiatives, and security concerns, finding the right product requires the right expertise and partners. TRIVAD has close relationships with all of the major server manufacturers, providing you with the best pricing and the best product.



No longer just a cost center for businesses, IT departments are now a driving force in the success and profitability of the entire organization. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of networking. Being able to provide endusers with the information they need quickly and without clutter or spam is critical to all businesses. TRIVAD has years of experience, training, and certifications to help spot problem areas and plan for future growth. And our competitive prices will allow you to stretch your IT budget further than before.